Latest agency UX work. Please  contact  me for access.

Latest agency UX work. Please contact me for access.

UX | Mixed Reality | Mirada Studios

UX | Mixed Reality | Mirada Studios


As a UX designer with a solid background in business strategy and project management, I come into every project with the objective to help companies create value, drive growth, and collaboratively uncover key insights through a human-centered design approach. My experience includes researching, positioning and designing a variety of digital experiences for web, mobile and mixed reality applications.



It was 2013, and I found myself evolving my career in entertainment production alongside music legend Beck, and visionary music video director/VR pioneer Chris Milk. The experimental music video being shot would be a precursor to what we know now as VR, and it fundamentally changed the way I looked at technology. I saw it; the value and excitement of it, as an agent of change, and its potential to enhance lives when done right. This sparked my curiosity and led me to take a sabbatical in early 2014 to explore ways to solve entrenched entertainment industry problems through technology, looking to recapture that lightning in a bottle. Within this experience, I realized my appreciation for UX design and a knack for its required skill set. Since then I have participated in advising and creating a variety of digital experiences as well as being an active member of the UX community in Los Angeles.

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