It was 2013, and I found myself evolving my career in entertainment production alongside music legend Beck, and visionary music video director/VR pioneer Chris Milk. The experimental music video being shot would be a precursor to what we know now as VR, and it fundamentally changed the way I looked at technology. I saw it; the value and excitement of it, as an agent of change, and its potential to enhance lives when done right. This sparked my curiosity and led me to research crowdsourcing as a different way to create video content for brands, looking to recapture that lightning in a bottle. Within this experience, I realized my appreciation for UX design and a knack for its required skill set. Since then I have participated in designing a variety of digital experiences for web, mobile and mixed reality applications, notably leading a recent MR exploration with Guillermo Del Toro's Mirada Studios.

As a UX consultant with a solid background in entertainment and business, I come into every project with a senior level of strategic understanding and soft skills, which help me ground, inform and communicate design suggestions and solutions. This has proven invaluable while tackling macro aspects such as business strategy and validating value propositions, while connecting the dots with the rest of my UX process.

Please feel free to reach out! I would enjoy learning more about your story.



"His ability to ask the right questions and condense communication between group members and me was immensely beneficial to turning around a UX project in record time with unexpected great results."

Eddie O. - Mirada Studios


"His resourcefulness and ability to adapt made him a pleasure to work with. As a team member or a leader, Adrian earns my highest recommendation."

 Marcos C. - VP Content Development - MiTú


"Through working together in UX projects, I've gotten to know him as an inquisitive person, who knows to ask the right questions, a creative problem solver, and someone you can share a laugh with. His ability to discover, test and see patterns through the ambiguity of this unexplored platform was remarkable."

Courtney T. - UX Consultant


"Adrian is empathetic, has a natural sensibility for good design, and he understands how to marry these aptitudes with creating value in the market place."

Dana R. - UX Consultant


UX + IXD | Mixed Reality | Best Interaction Design Practices - Hololens

UX + IXD | Mixed Reality | Best Interaction Design Practices - Hololens